TruAir+ Disinfectant Kit
TruAir+ Disinfectant Kit TruAir+ Disinfectant Kit TruAir+ Disinfectant Kit TruAir+ Disinfectant Kit TruAir+ Disinfectant Kit
Rs. 399.00

Everything you need, in one spot, of the highest quality, for one price.

Upgrade to ALL IN ONE essentials kit to protect one from the infections, germs, viruses etc.


Hand Sanitizer

Clean Q Hand sanitizer is a gentle & non - irritating cooling sanitizing gel. You can use it on the Go! Made with Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerine, Carbomer, triethanolamine, fragrance and Demineralised water to improve skin texture and hygiene. It has a water holding and moisturizing function


Sanitizing Multipurpose wet wipes

Multi purpose wet Sanitizing wipes are really effective for prevention against germs and virus. Can be used at any surface - Hands, Face, Mobile, Tablet, laptop and any gadget. You can also use it to clean car stearing, handles, doors knobs, car gear etc.


Disinfectant Spray

O Surface Disinfectant Spray is a multi-purpose spray that can be used for disinfecting surfaces like door knobs, handles, toilet seats, tables, delivery boxes etc. With alcohol content of more than 70% O Surface Disinfectant Spray disinfects areas within 10 seconds of spraying and leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. Compact 40ml can makes it easy to carry.


TruAir+ Mask

Worry less about the pollution, germs, viruses, and infections slipping through with this snug fitting N95 Anti-Pollution Mask. N95 + PM2.5 provides reliable respiratory protection with its 5 layered filtration, are specially designed mask that protects you from probable respiratory ailments originating from the polluted air around.