New Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo

New Anti-Pollution Mask from Totobobo is designed to provide provide maximum protection, comfort and ease of use to everyone.

Poor Face Seal, Poor is the Protection - Totobobo offers the patented watermark seal check to test the mask properly fits the face.

Product Features :

(1) Patented "Water-mark seal check" is easy and reliable. 

(2) World's first customizable mask. You can shape it and trim it. DIY to the unique face of each of your family members.

(3) Very flexible and comfortable to the skin, superior fit due to the Soft-tech material.

(4) By far the lightest reusable respirator. Weight only 20 grams. 

(5) Super elastic strap, most comfortable and durable.

(6) Reproduction of bacteria or virus is prohibited on the surface of the mask,thanks to the anti-virus additive.

Worlds 1st Customizable Mask..!

With totobobo you can customize the mask according to your face fit. Either reshape it or trim to get the best fit. Perfect fit ensures higher protection, any leakage or gap will compromise the protection. 

Totobobo Mask Comes In 3 Sizes

New Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo - Mens

Best designed for most of the adult male. You can also cut it for the proper fit.

New Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo - Women

Totobobo mask comes in the medium size suitable for the women.

New Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo - Kids

Suitable for the teenagers. You can also cut smaller to fit the children.

Awesome Easy Seal Check

Instructions for Easy Seal Check

1) Apply a bit of water on the user's face with cotton wool. Make sure the area where the mask touches the face are wet. 

2) Put on the mask and check the "water-mark": 

3) Where the mask touches the face, the frost inner surface of the mask turns transperent. Where there is gaps between the mask and the face remains frost. 

4) The mask is totally sealing the user's face if there is a continuous transparent area encircled the nose, mouth and chin area. 

5) If the transparent loop is broken, you may proceed to improve the fitting of that area by "ReShape".


How many times the totobobo mask can be reused?

You can reuse the mask many times if you use it and keep it with care. We have customers reported using the mask regularly for two years. In normal usage condition there should not be any issue to reuse the mask for over 200 times.

Will the filter lose its function after contacting with the water?

Mask will not lose its function after contacting water. However, the filtration efficiency will slowly decrease gradually.

How long does the filter last?

As a role of thumb, you should change the filters when the white filter turns 50% grey as printed on the filter packaging. 

What is the weight of the Totobobo mask?

The complete assembly of the TOTOBOBO mask including the filter and the strap is 20g, by far the lightest reusable respirator in the market.

Does the mask interfere with spectacles?

Totobobo mask does not interfere with spectacles (glasses), because it is very thin and light weight which can follow the nose profile closely.

Will the strap lose the elasticity after many times of reuse?

Unlike the cheap strap of disposable mask, the TOTOBOBO super elastic strap is made of a very pure ingredient. It can endure well over 5000 times of stretches without damage.

Is the strap made of rubber?

The strap contains no rubber, or any other irritant substances. It is safe to contact the human body.

How do I change the filters?

Use the protruding lid to bend open the filter cap. Replace the filter inside, close and lock the filter cap afterwards. To minimize contamination, change the filter after cleaning/ disinfecting the mask. If that is not possible, change the filters in a clean environment and take care not to touch the inside of the mask during this operation.

From where I can purchase the filters?

You can purchase filters from amazon, or can place an order in the website or can call on toll-free number and place an order.

Do mask comes with warranty?

No, mask doesn't comes with warranty. We can't replace the mask because of hygiene factors.