Totobobo Anti Pollution Mask

Breathe Clean Air

Totobobo Anti Pollution Mask is the safest and easiest way to keep pollutants away from your lungs.Recognized as one of the most effective and lightest masks to wear, Totobobo Masks are able to filter more than 99% of the Air you breathe. Totobobo Masks weigh Totobobo masks are by far the lightest reusable respirator. They weight only 20 grams. Reproduction of bacteria or virus is prohibited on the surface of the mask, thanks to the anti-virus additive. One of the unique features is its reusability and the ear straps. If you have a sensitive skin then this mask will not disappoint you, as the ear straps are very elastic but not made of rubber. Whether you are cycling, running or commuting to work just stay protected..

Easy Seal Check

Poor face seal is poor protection. Over 90% of 1500 tests of N95 masks failed due to users unaware of the leaks, According to a published study by Tongji Medical College, which conducted 1500 tests with 500 N95 masks on 50 Chinese. To help identify any leaks, we developed the "water-mark" method; the frost internal surface of the mask turns into transparent when it touches wet skin. The transparent water-mark makes it easy to identify any gaps between the mask and the user's face. With Totobobo patented technology, ensuring protection and face seal is easy and accurate.

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How many times Totobobo mask can be reused?

in normal usage condition mask can be used more than 200 times. If you use & keep it with care there won't be any issue. Wherever people have reported to be using for more than 2 years.  

How long does the filter last?

The effective usage time of the filter depends upon the number of the factors like Pollution Level, Breathing Rate, Heat, Humidity, Hygiene Factors & Environment. Whereas, we recommend to change the filter when it turns to grey.

Will the filter lost its function after contacting with water?

The electro static force embedded with the filter is very strong and will not lost its function after contacting with the water. But the efficiency of the filter will gradually decrease over the time.

What does F96 filter mean?

F96 is the higher grade of the filter which provides high level of protection. Typically there are different filters like F92, F94, F95 & F96. 

What makes Totobobo Mask different than the other mask?

Totobobo Mask is the worlds first's customizable mask.You can trim it and shape it according to your face shape.

Will the strap lose its elasticity over the time?

No, the strap doesn't lose its elasticity as it is made up of premium quality of synthetic rubber.