Frequently Asked Questions

Air Purification Features FAQs

What is CADR?

CADR is an indication of the volume of filtered air delivered by a portable air purifier. CADR describes how well the cleaner reduces tobacco smoke, pollen and dust. In other words, the CADR is an attempt to provide a uniform, objective standard by which potential buyers can easily evaluate the effectiveness of an air cleaner.

Does it have Child Safety Lock?

Yes Purita Elegance PC1912 Room Air Purifier comes with a Child Safety Lock.

Does it have Air Quality Sensor for detecting pollution levels?

Purita Elegance PC1912 Room Air Purifier  comes with Digital Display of Air Quality . It has a numeric Display of Air Quality  on the LCD Panel. 

Purita Bliss PC1004 Room Air Purifier comes with Air Quality Indicators. It provides Red Blue and Green light indication depending upon the Air Quality.

What is the life of a replacement Filter in Room Air Purifiers

With Regular usage, the replacement filters typically last for 7-8 Months. It is advisable to clean the pre filter regularly. HEPA Filters should not be cleaned manually and should be replaced when the Indicator gives the replacement signal. 

Does it have Timer , Sleep and Auto Mode functions?

Yes Purita Elegance PC 1912 Model comes with Timer , Sleep and Auto Mode functions. Purita Bliss PC1004 comes with Timer and Auto Mode. 

Is there a Filter Replacement Indicator? 

Yes the product lncludes Filter Replacement Indicator function.

What is the Warranty duration and coverage?

The Products come with 1 Year of Warranty. For further details please visit the Warranty and Extended Warranty Page.