Totobobo Anti Pollution Mask
Totobobo Anti Pollution Mask New Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo - Man New Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo - Man Reshaping Totobobo Anti Pollution Mask from Purita
Rs. 2,490.00
  • This mask is designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and ease of use to everyone.
  • Patented "Water-mark seal check" is easy and reliable. World's first customizable mask. You can shape it and trim it. DIY to the unique face of each of your family members
  • Very flexible and comfortable to the skin, superior fit due to the Soft-tech material.
  • By far the lightest reusable respirator. Weight only 20 grams. Super elastic strap, most comfortable and durable
  • Reproduction of bacteria or virus is prohibited on the surface of the mask,thanks to the anti-virus additive